The Terrible Teens

by Kate Figes

In her book ‘Life After Birth’, Kate Figes gained a reputation for straight talking about the role of a new mother, and the torrent of feelings unleashed by pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood. The book’s brutal honesty and painfully truthful approach made uncomfortable reading.

The Terrible Teens by Kate Figes

While there is a huge amount of literature on the subject of parenting small children, The Terrible Teens is an addition to the less well served area of dealing with teenagers. Figes applies the same level of brutal honesty to this subject with equally uncomfortable results. The book features contributions from parents, teenagers, academics and teachers, parenting experts and those who simply have powerful memories of their teenage years. In fact one of the most interesting things about reading this book is how it brings back so many memories of one’s own teenage years, good and bad.

The topics covered are wide-ranging, from dealing with your child’s turbulent emotions – and your own - with how to deal with conflict and maintain your sense of self.

The book contains a comfortingly wide range of experiences from both parents and teenagers so that whatever your own current teenage dilemma there is advice on how to survive it.

There is a frank discussion of the difficult subjects of teenage sexuality and crisis such as alcohol and drug use, involvement in crime and parental divorce.

School is, of course, still one of the biggest parts of a teenager’s life and becomes more and more stressful as the combination of exams, bourgeoning sexuality and approaching adulthood occur simultaneously. The experience of both parents and teenagers are analysed here with impartiality and without judgement.

This book is packed with support and advice whether your children are already teenagers or you still have all that to look forward to. It could even help you put some of your own relationship with your parents into a new perspective.

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