Elmer Day 2020

Elmer Day 2020

Image Credit: Amazon.co.uk

Elmer Day will be celebrated on Saturday 23rd May in 2020.

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What is Elmer Day?

Elmer Day 2020

Image Credit: Amazon.co.uk

Elmer Day is a celebration of reading, of elephants and of accepting yourself and others, just like Elmer the Patchwork Elephant, star of the Elmer books by David McKee.

Usually it is celebrated with events in libraries and bookshops across the UK. Kids are invited to dress up in bright colours, take part in craft events and of course, read the Elmer books.

For 2020 you are asked to celebrate Elmer Day at home, and you can find lots of ideas and download a free Elmer Day Activity Pack at the Elmer Day website

Why Elmer?

The first Elmer book was published in 1968. Author David McKee was inspired by an incident in which his mixed race daughter was verbally abused. His stories are an inspiration for everyone to be both accepting of those who are different to ourselves and accepting of our own unique qualities.

McKee was also the creator of much loved characters Mr Benn and King Rollo. He has now published over 30 books about Elmer and his friends.

More Ways To Celebrating Elmer Day

The first Elmer Day was celebrated in 2016 with schools taking part as well as bookshops and libraries, with stories, games and craft activities.

You can have your own Elmer Day celebration at home and there are some more super Elmer Day activities from World Book Day, and a lovely Elmer colouring picture from Andersen press.

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