Have A Safe Halloween

10 Tips the Perfect Halloween Party

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Halloween can be great fun, a time for a party, fun food and of course trick or treating – if the weather is good enough of course!

With any event where little people could get over excited there is always the possibility of accidents. However with a little bit of preparation and planning they can be avoided and everyone can enjoy their Halloween celebrations.

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Here’s how to make sure that your Halloween go with a swing, not a visit to A&E.

Trick or Treating Safety

If people have posted ‘No Trick Or Treat’ posters respect this and do not knock on their door.

Tricks should always be humorous and in the spirit of fun, such as showing a toy spider or pretending to cast a spell.  Throwing flour, eggs or causing damage to property is a criminal offence just the same as it is any other night of the year.

Halloween Party Safety

Halloween Safety Tips

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Most of all, enjoy your Halloween celebrations.  Happy Halloween!

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