How A Sling Library Can Help You Choose The Best Baby Carrier

How A Sling Library Can Help You Choose The Best Baby Carrier

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A Sling Library is a brilliant idea for anyone who is thinking about using a baby carrier, baby wrap or baby sling to carry their baby in.

Carrying your baby around with you, which is known as baby wearing, is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and is a good way to transport your baby without having to take a pushchair, especially if you use public transport.

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However it can be expensive to buy a baby sling and you may have lots of questions about them;

You may have many more questions and this is where a sling library comes in.

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How A Sling Library Works

A sling library is just like any other type of library - you can go and borrow a baby sling, baby carrier or baby wrap. The library will be held at a venue such as a family centre, church hall, community centre or even at a traditional library. Meetings usually take place weekly or fortnightly

Better still the people running the library will be knowledgable about slings and can advise you on the right type to use and you can try on different slings to see which you prefer.

Then you can borrow a sling for a few weeks for a small fee. At the end of that time you may decide you love it and want to buy your own. Maybe you want to try out a different one. maybe you will decide you don't want to use one at all!

You can also keep on borrowing a sling for a while then change it for a different one when your baby gets larger.

Where To Find Your Local Sling Library

There are lots of sling libraries across the UK and the best way to find them is to use your favourite search engine or ask your health visitor.

Many sling libraries are run by local NCT groups, so you can try contacting your local NCT group to see if they run a sling library.

Babywearing UK have a useful interactive map where you can find local sling libraries as well as babywearing groups and babywearing consultants.

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