Tips and Ideas For Decorating A Small Gender Neutral Nursery

Tips and ideas on how to decorate a small, gender neutral nursery for your new baby, including best colours to choose and what furniture to buy.

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One of the fun things that we get to do when we are expecting a baby is deciding what should go in the nursery, and there are dozens of good reasons for choosing a gender neutral nursery for your baby.

For example, when I had both my kids we did not want to know the sex of our baby and wanted a surprise. Maybe you do not want to assume that your child will adore pink just because they are a girl and will only like blue because they are a boy. Perhaps you are planning to have more children and want to hedge your bets so that you do not have to completely redecorate the nursery next time if your next baby is a different gender!

Also you may not wish to start reinforcing gender stereotypes from an early age.

Not knowing the sex of your baby does mean that when you set up the nursery for a baby you cannot go all out in pink or blue so everything that we chose for the nursery had to be gender neutral. So first of all, what are the best colours to choose for a gender neutral nursery?

Best Colours For A Gender Neutral Nursery

Gender Neutral Bedroom Ideas

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If you are planning a gender neutral nursery the first thing you will want to plan is your colour scheme. As we are particularly thinking about which colours are suitable for a small room, I would recommend choosing paler shades, especially for painting walls and for the finishes on your nursery furniture. As well as creating a calming atmosphere for your baby, they will reflect light and make a small room seem more spacious.

Here are the best colours to use in a gender neutral nursery for your baby.

Advice for Painting a Baby’s Bedroom

Gender Neutral Nursarty Ideas

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If you are planning to repaint the room that you are turning into a nursery, consider how far in advance you can get the painting done. As paint dries, even low VOC and ‘breatheasy’ types will create fumes and the smell may linger for a long time depending on how well you are able to air your house.

The advice varies from a couple of weeks to three months, so I advise that you get your painting done as early as possible!

The smaller the room that you are decorating, the lighter the colour that you paint it should be. Dark colours will tend to make any room look smaller, so a light grey, cream, white or very pale yellow will make your small neutral nursery look larger, as well as keeping it bright and cheerful.

Furniture for a Small Nursery

Tips and Ideas For Decorating A Small Gender Neutral Nursery

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In a small nursery, you will want your furniture to work really hard for you and be multi-purpose where possible. However the first piece of advice I’m going to give you is something that you should not buy!

You will see for sale a thing called a changing station, changing table or changing unit. These consist of either a table or a chest of drawers, which has a top surface with raised edges that you are supposed to change your baby’s nappy on. There are two reasons not to buy one.

All you will need in the early stages are a crib or cot, along with somewhere to store clothing and other baby items. Do not be tempted to buy more furniture for the nursery than you need, however adorable it is, because you want to maximise the amount of space in a small room.

A wardrobe, a chest of drawers and some shelves are probably the only items of furniture that you will need at first – and maybe for several years.

To make the most of a small room, choose furniture in a pale wood such as pine, light oak or go for painted furniture in your chosen shade of cream, white or grey.

If you already have a dark piece of furniture that you would like to use, or have found a wonderful second hand piece that needs painting, remember to paint it as far in advance as possible, as mentioned before.

A Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration, Tips and Ideas

Tips and Ideas For Decorating A Small Gender Neutral Nursery

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