Things To Do In October Half Term

Things To Do In October Half Term

Amazing things for kids to do in October Half Term 2021 around the UK

How To Get Your Kids To Do Their Homework Without A Battle


As the new term begins, here are some tips on how to encourage your children to do their homework without causing stress and arguments for both parents and kids.

Family Films in the Cinema For October Half Term 2021

Family Movies for October Half Term 2021

We look forward to the cinema releases for September and October 2021, and discover what is in store for October Half Term 2021 at the movies.

Events and Celebrations in September 2021

Events and Celebrations in September 2021

What's going on this September?

Events, celebrations and awareness days for September 2021.

Top UK Toys for Christmas 2021

Top Toys for 2021 - Xmas 2021 Predicted Bestsellers

The must-have toys for Christmas 2021 - with tie-ins from top TV show Paw Patrol as well as the latest sets from LEGO, Hot Wheels, LOL Surprise and more.

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box

What To Put in a Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Boxes are a comparatively new thing here in the UK, although it has been well established in the US for a decade or so. So what are they, and what should you put in one?

The eParenting Book of Wordsearches

The eParenting Book of Wordsearches

We've just published our first ever book of our ever popular wordsearches containing 100 brand new themed word searches from

What is A Bilibo? What Isn't it!

Bilibo by MOLUK

It's a chair; it's a Tortoise shell - A Bilibo is a sand toy, a spinner, a cradle for dolls and a substitute for sleighs. It's pool toy. Or a hat. Or anything!

Knitting For Charity 2021

Knitting for Charity

Lots of charities need your help, whether you knit, crochet or sew.

Could you could knit a hat for a premature baby, crochet a blanket or even knit a toy teddy? Many charities also offer free knitting patterns that you can use to make your items.

Big Panto Guide 2021 - Panto is Back!

Free Printable 2022 Calendar

2022 Free Printable Calendar

Get organised for 2022 and download your Free Printable 2022 Calendar now.

100% Cotton Clothing For Eczema, Psoriasis and Allergy Sufferers

100% Cotton Clothing for Eczema Sufferers and anyone with Sensitive Skin

Image Credit: Fernando Weberich

If, like me, you have a child whose skin is sensitive (or if you have sensitive skin yourself) you will know that the type of clothing worn can make a big difference to how comfortable their skin is.

Top UK Homeschooling Resources

UK Homeschooling Resources

Resources for those home educating and homeschooling children in the UK, with information about Key Stages 1 to 4, GCSEs, iGCSEs and A-Level study at home.

50 Free Revision Resources for GCSE, A-Level, SATs and 11+

50 Free Revision Resources for GCSE, A-Level, SATs and 11+

The big guide to free revision resources from primary to secondary school, vocational subjects and university.

Free Pregnancy Printables

Free Pregnancy Printables

Stay organised throughout the whole 9 months of your pregnancy with these free printable checklists, from writing your birth plan to making sure you've bought everything you need for baby.

100 Screen-Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day

100 Screen-Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day

100 great ideas of things to do when it is raining, without resorting to putting on the TV, tablet or computer.

Freebies for Expectant Mums

Freebies for Expectant Mums

Having a baby is exciting, but it can be CRAZY expensive too. Fortunately there are lots of freebies for expectant mums that you can get.

Recycled Postage Stamp Craft Project Ideas

Recycled Postage Stamp Craft Project Ideas

How to use your old postage stamps to make colourful and beautiful items for you home and to give as thoughtful handmade gifts.

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