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12 Easy DIY LEGO Christmas Decorations To Make

12 Easy DIY LEGO Christmas Decorations To Make

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When Christmas comes around, how are you going to keep your little LEGO fans happy, while they wait for Father Christmas to leave them new LEGO kits under the Christmas tree this year?

Simple! Get them to make their own Christmas decorations - out of LEGO!

If your kids have been playing with LEGO for any length of time they probably have a small collection (or possibly quite a large collection) of odd bits of LEGO in the toy box - dismantled kits, random pieces given by friends, bought in charity shops or at jumble sales or maybe you've bought from the LEGO pick'n'mix at one of the LEGO Parks or Discovery Centres.

Now is to time to get out all those random bits and bobs and get creative. Make LEGO Christmas decorations to hang on your tree or LEGO Christmas ornaments to put on your mantlepiece, shelves or wherever you love to decorate!

Easy DIY LEGO Christmas Decorations To Make

Image Credit: Xavi Cabrera

A Few Tips For Making LEGO Christmas Ornaments

If you want your ornaments to stay together - or not get dismantled for a new project - you might want to think about glueing them together. You can buy glue which is designed to keep blocks together but is easily removable, but reports suggest that it actually doesn't work that well.

Since LEGO is plastic, you need to uses a glue designed to work with plastic, either a PVA, such as the sort you can buy in sizes from small amounts for crafting to huge 5 litre containers intended for DIY use.

The other popular way of making LEGO models permanant is to use a cyanoacrylate glue i.e. superglue.

Now, what if your kids don't have the right sort of festive colours that they want for their masterpiece? Well, you can buy individual bricks directly from LEGO in their Pick A Brick section.

Alternatively, you can actually paint LEGO bricks with acrylic craft paints, such as the type used for painting models and figurines. Or LEGOs can be spray painted, however this should always be supervised by an adult, following all safety instructions.

However, painted bricks will be for display purposes only, as they will chip easily, and a extra layer of paint on the bumps will make the bricks hard to put together. It might be better to make your design first and paint it afterwards.

12 Easy DIY LEGO Christmas Decorations To Make

DIY LEGO Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

So here are a dozen ideas for cute and clever Christmas decorations and ornaments to make out of LEGO. So let's get the LEGO box out and get started!

  1. LEGO Christmas Tree Plaque
  2. You can decorate this lovely Christmas tree plaque with any of your little round LEGO pieces - and change the decor as much as you like. Make it a colourful rainbow or you could go for a more minimalist colour scheme with gold or silver.

  3. LEGO Nutcracker Christmas Ornament
  4. If you fancy more of a challenge, this Nutcracker model should bend your brain for quite a while. The website Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls, which these are from have hundreds of cool LEGO makes.

  5. LEGO Reindeer Ornaments
  6. These little reindeer figures are simple yet so cute, and look! - that is definitely Rudolph in the middle with his little red nose! (You can find out just exactly how he prepares for Christmas day in our exclusive interview with Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.)

  7. LEGO Candy Cane
  8. This is a brilliant starter project for younger kids. It's aperfect first Christmas decoration, and making this simple candy cane will get any kid in the festive spirit.

  9. LEGO Christmas Candle Decoration
  10. These LEGO Candles are very clever and would look cool on your shelf or mantlepiece. They could even be made into an advent crown.

  11. LEGO Holly Berry Wreath Hanging Ornament
  12. This LEGO Holly and Berry Wreath tree ornament is, I think, rather beautiful and elegant, rather like a tiny Christmas wreath.

  13. LEGO Christmas Santa Face Ornament
  14. This LEGO Santa Claus Face ornament by Chris McVeigh is awesome. So clever, jolly and festive.

  15. Red and White Ball LEGO Ornaments
  16. Could you create ball ornaments like these? You could make a bauble in every colour combination.

  17. LEGO Snowflake Christmas Ornament
  18. This LEGO snowflake decoration is made from very simple elements, and yet is absolutely beautiful. Make it in all white or frosty shades of blue like the one shown here.

  19. Snowman With Scarf LEGO Tree Ornament
  20. I think the look on this little fella's face is priceless. Plus I love the carrot nose too. Absolutely amazing, perfect to hang on the tree or as a standing ornament.

  21. LEGO Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornament
  22. This clever kit is also from genius LEGO designer Chris McVeigh. It is simply brilliant, cute and adorable.

  23. LEGO Unicorn
  24. Who wouldn't want to hang this adorable LEGO unicorn on their Christmas tree - surely every Christmas tree needs at least one unicorn?

LEGO Christmas Ornaments Books

Book Cover

If you like the designs by Chris McVeigh, he has published 2 books of instructions for making his most popular designs. The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book is his first book, which contains 15 Designs to Spread Holiday Cheer.

Book Cover

This was followed up by The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book Volume 2 which contains another 16 designs to get creative with.

I hope that this has given you lots of ideas for making Christmas decorations and ornaments out of LEGO. You can make your decorations as simple or elaborate as you want, and everyone will have lots of creative fun too!

For more Christmassy LEGO fun, here are the new LEGO Christmas kits for 2023.

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