The Look Out Discovery Centre

Right next to the 1960’s concrete sprawl of Bracknell sits 2,600 acres of Crown Estate woodland and a log cabin containing the Look Out Discovery Centre.

A visit to the centre can consist of two parts. The Look Out Discovery Centre is a hands-on science exhibition, designed to make science fun and exciting for children. There are five zones to explore:-

Woodland and Water Zone has exhibits to show what goes on unseen in woodland, from wildlife to composting and also has a model river where you can vary the obstacles that, say, a fish or a boat could encounter as it travels downstream.

Sound and Communication Zone lets you whisper to a friend on the other side of the room, play a tune on pipes and listen to the radio with a baking tray

Forces and Movement Zone is possibly the most fun, as you can launch a hydrogen rocket, fly a hot air balloon and even make a beach ball float in mid air. There is also a model of two black holes which will keep the five and unders amused for literally hours, I promise.

Body and Perception Zone tests your brains ability to be fooled by optical illusions and tricky puzzles, and how your body is affected by what you do.

Finally in Light and Colour Zone you can make a shadow picture, play an optical harp and see yourself in a two-way mirror.

The best thing about the centre is that no matter what age your child is they will get enjoyment from the visit. A toddler will enjoy playing in the water and pressing the buttons and seeing what happens, while the older children will learn from trying the experiments then reading about the science.

The woodland surrounding the centre is free to visit and there are walks, trails, and orienteering – you can even hire a bike.

Inside the centre there is a café, baby-changing facilities and shop. There is also an under 5’s play area. The centre has a programme of holiday activities and is a popular venue for school visits.

For more information visit their website at

The Look Out Discovery Centre, Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7QW
Tel: 01344 354400 Fax: 01344 354422

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