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12 Gift Ideas For Teachers 2023

Gift Ideas for Teachers

Image Credit: Michael Schwarzenberger

As Christmas or the end of the school year approaches, it is usual to give a small gift to your kid's teacher and and classroom assistants, when the child is in primary school. By secondary school this usually stops here in the UK.

I am never sure quite what to give as a teacher gift, so I decided to ask my friends who were teachers for some ideas for what they would like and what they really didn't appreciate. This was gold!

Here is what they told me.

Gifts should always be something small. Now, when I was at school anyone who bought any gift for the teacher was thought of as the most terrible ‘creep’, and teased mercilessly. Nowadays an overly-expensive gift would have the same effect.

If you are on a tight budget even small gifts can start to get quite expensive, when you could be required to buy gifts for a teacher and up to two classroom assistants per child. That really starts to add up, especially if you have two or more children.

All the teachers and assistants I have spoken to, tell me that they much prefer a small gift, maybe something they will enjoy then use up such as chocolates, biscuits or even a bottle of wine. Many say that they actually find large, ostentatious gifts quite embarrassing.

Teachers also really don't like (and some positively loathe) those ‘World’s Best Teacher’ type of knick-knacks such as mugs, plaques and models of apples wearing morterboards. Avoid - there is a reason why so many of these types of things turn up in charity shops.....

Teacher's Gift Ideas

  1. Chocolates
  2. Always a winner, trust me.

  3. Homemade Biscuits or Cakes
  4. Homemade cakes make a great teacher gift.

    Image Credit: Annie Spratt

    Home-made biscuits or cakes, especially if the child has helped to make them are a popular idea. Either are good and can also be shared with the other members staff such as administrators who tend not to get given gifts.

  5. Candles
  6. Tricky one this. Teachers, I am told, get gifted a lot of candles.

    Unless you know that a particular teacher is really mad about candles, it might be best to avoid these, as they will probably have at least ten given to them each year.

  7. Mugs
  8. I was told by one teaching assistant that teachers are always breaking or losing coffee mugs. They usually have to supply their own and it is nice to have spares for visitors as well. Others have told me that they get inundated with mugs and have enough to last them a lifetime!

    If your child's teacher is using a lot of mugs as pencil pots, you can safely assume that they have more than enough.....

    Bonus points if every single one says "World's Best Teacher".

  9. Coffee
  10. However, lots of teachers would love something to go in all those mugs. Something caffeinated, obviously, not more pencils!

  11. Flowers and Plants
  12. Teacher's Gift Ideas, Crafts, Activities and Fun Facts

    Image Credit: Alexandra Seinet

    Flowers or pot-plants are really appreciated and are rarely given. These do not need to be expensive and could be home grown or propagated.

    The kids could decorate the pots for a more personal or festive touch.

  13. Stationary
  14. Stationary supplies, I'm told, are very much appreciated, particularly for teachers of older children. They often end up needing to ‘lend’ pens and pencils to students who have forgotten them, so to have some to hand would be really helpful.

    Also, reward stickers are the sort of thing teachers may have to supply themselves, so those would be a good gift too.

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  15. Gift Cards
  16. How about a gift card for a small treat such as a manicure or coffee?

    Or maybe a group of you could get together to buy a larger gift such as a decent sized gift certificate for a store or a local restaurant.

    A gift card for Amazon would always come in handy too. (See Stationary)

  17. Toiletries
  18. Pampering products such as bath oil or bubble bath go down well, (according to my female teaching assistant friends) especially if it has words like 'relaxation' or 'de-stressing' on it!

    However they do get given a lot of soap, so steer clear of that. Remember too, that almost no-one uses talc these days, so no re-gifting that toiletries set from an ancient great-aunt either.


    Image Credit: Holly Mindup

  19. Wine
  20. Yes! Most of my teacher friends LOVE it when they get wine as a gift, but it is mostly the male teachers who get given the bottle of wine, apparently. By the end of term teachers feel like they really need it - often in conjunction with that relaxing bubble bath.

  21. For The Music Teacher
  22. If you want a present for the music teacher, how about a baton? They break them all the time and they only cost from couple of pounds each!

  23. A Hand-Written Note
  24. A heart-felt note of appreciation can be the most treasured gift that any teacher recieves.

Now that you have some ideas for what to buy for your child's teacher, here are some really nice teachers gift ideas for under £20 that you can buy online

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