Free Kindle Cover Knitting Patterns

Knit Your Kindle It's Own Woolly Jumper!

Knitted Kindle Cover

You love to knit. (I certainly do) You love your Kindle. (I know I do too) Why not show your love by making your Kindle a lovely woolly jumper to keep it safe and warm?

You can buy lots of fabulous designs of Kindle cover, but why not have the satisfaction of making your own, unique cover?

Try out a wild colour combination, a fancy yarn, use a favourite stitch or try out a new one. It's your Kindle cover - anything goes!

Here are lots of free knitting patterns for your Kindle, along with some patterns for crocheters too. Many of these patterns can also be used to make covers for other e-readers such as Nook, Kobo and Sony e-reader, or even to make a cover for an iPad or tablet.

Free Kindle Cover Knitting Patterns

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5 Reasons To Knit Your Own Kindle Cover

  1. It's a great stash-buster - you can make one with an odd ball of leftover yarn, or even with lots of odds and ends.
  2. It will be unique - no one will have a cover for their e-reader quite like yours.
  3. Why not knit a stripy cover and use up all your odd ends of yarn?
  4. A knitted cover protects your Kindle from scratching and other accidental damage.
  5. You can knit one to match every outfit!

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Free Crochet Kindle Cover Patterns

You can also find a selection of Kindle knitting patterns which you can download onto your Kindle at & They are not free but start at around only £0.99 or $1.22 at time of writing. Happy Knitting and Happy Reading!

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Free Kindle Cover Knitting Patterns

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