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21 Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas

Tasteful Christmas decorations

Image Credit: Annie Spratt

Christmas Eve Boxes are a comparatively new part of the Christmas celebrations here in the UK, although the fun idea for Christmas Eve has been well established in the US for a decade or so.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas Eve Box is a place to gather together a few things to make your Christmas Eve a special family occasion – sort of extending Christmas Day by adding a cosy, friendly and relaxing lead up to it.

It’s a great way to wind down so that you get a good night sleep to make sure that Santa Claus visits in the night!

21 Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas

What goes into a Christmas Eve Box?

These are your Christmas Eve Box essentials! The things that you choose to go into your Christmas Eve Box will depend on how you like to spend your Christmas Eve, but there are a few items that it is traditional to put into your box.

  1. Christmas Pyjamas
  2. A pair of Christmas pyjamas is an absolute must, and they are available at many places on the High Street and online.  Here are our favourite Children’s Christmas Pyjamas for this year.

  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. You could include a sachet of a favourite flavour of hot chocolate, or a tin or jar. For a more luxurious drink include a pack of mini marshmallows in the box or a hot chocolate stirrer.  

  5. A Christmas Movie
  6. Only a few years ago this movie would be included in the form of a DVD or Blu-ray. You can still do that, but if you use Netflix, Amazon Prime or another streaming service, you could include an envelope with the name of this year’s movie choice, or maybe a couple of options, if you think that the family will be able to agree!

    Here are a few ideas for the most loved family Christmas movies of all time.

  7. Snacks
  8. You’ll need something to go with that hot chocolate, so maybe some cookies, gingerbread men, lebkuchen, chocolate coins or perhaps some popcorn to eat with the movie.

    Santa's Sack of Christmas Treats

    Image Credit: Marks & Spencer

  9. A Christmas Book
  10. such as The Night Before Christmas, The Polar Express or The Snowman. This should be a book that can be read aloud so that younger children will be included.

    Here are our choices of best Christmas books for Children.

  11. Santa’s Magic Key
  12. This is absolutely crucial, so that Santa can get in the house if you don’t have a chimney of course!

    Any old or decorative key can be used for this, or they can be purchased very cheaply from Amazon, Etsy or eBay.

  13. Magic Reindeer Food
  14. Its very important that you don't forget Rudolph and his friends of course! Magic Reindeer Food is something that you can make yourself - it is usually just plain porridge oats or bird seed which has been packaged nicely or pre-packed versions are available.

    Sprinkle outside for the reindeer to eat. (Birds will probably really appreciate your gift, especially if it is very cold). Make sure that your reindeer food is good for your animal friends with these wildlife-friendly reindeer food ideas from the RSPCA.

    More Christmas Eve Box Ideas

    What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box

    Image Credit: silviarita

    There are lots of other things that can be included in your box; all of them are fun things for Christmas Eve.

    All the gifts should be small and inexpensive – the idea is not to make Christmas a lot more expensive, and they can be items that you might have given as stocking fillers.

    LEGO® Life MagazineFREE LEGO Life Magazine Perfect for kids aged 5-9, this printed magazine is sent directly to your home four times a year - completely free of charge. Sign up NOW!

    Any small gift item would be a lovely thing to put into your Christmas Eve Box, the choice is yours.

  15. A Christmas Mug
  16. A festive mug would be lovely to to drink that hot chocolate out of.

  17. Family Games
  18. Any game that everyone can join in such as card games or board games. As it is Christmas, a traditional game seems appropriate, but maybe don't go for Monopoly - you don't want to still be awake when Santa comes around.

  19. A Christmas Jumper
  20. Best Children's Christmas Jumpers for 2022

    Add a brand new jolly Christmas Jumper for the little ones to wear on Christmas Day. Here are our favourite kids Christmas jumpers this year.

  21. A New Tree Decoration
  22. A beautiful new decoration to hang on the Christmas tree just before bedtime makes a lovely keepsake to remember this Christmas. Here are some of the best personalised Christmas tree decorations.

  23. Toiletries
  24. These will always go down well. You could add anything, even something that the kids need such as bubble bath or toothpaste. Other ideas include a festive lip gloss or hand cream.

  25. A Puzzle or Activity Book
  26. This should be book of relaxing and fun puzzles or colouring to help everyone wind down - nothing that boggles the brain too much. 

    Could we suggest our very own eParenting Book of Wordsearches, which has 100 brand new themed wordsearches, suitable for kids or adults?

  27. A Festive Soft Toy
  28. Hamleys Bear Hoody Panda

    A Christmas teddy would go down a treat in a Christmas Eve Box. This is Marks & Spencer's collectable Spencer Bear for 2023, and you can find all sorts of festive plush toys everywhere.

  29. Slippers
  30. Slippers are always a cosy idea, whether you give themed Christmas slippers or some nice fluffy ones!

  31. A Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle
  32. Get the whole family together to put together a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. Again they are available all over but we love this affordable selection from The Works.

    Or why not make a special personalised family jigsaw from one of your own photos at The Happy Puzzle Company.

  33. A Christmas Stocking
  34. Christmas Stockings

    Image Credit:Donna Spearman

    Give them a lovely Christmas Stocking to hang up over the fire place or put at the end of the bed. Once they (eventually) get to sleep, fill with traditonal gifts like an orange, nuts (if age and allergy appropriate) and Christmas candies such as minty candy canes or sugar mice.

  35. A Letter From Santa
  36. Pop a letter from Santa into your Christmas Eve box so that the kids know that he is thinking about them as he makes his deliveries.

    You can use this free letter from Santa editable template to make a letter that is personlised for your child.

  37. Thank You Cards
  38. A pack of thank-you cards will encourage your children to write a quick note to thank people for their presents.

  39. Mini Craft Kits
  40. These could be anything from jewellery making kits to special kits for making Christmas decorations.

  41. Christmas Socks
  42. You can never have too many socks in the cold weather, so Christmas socks will keep little feet warm all through the festive season.

Where Can I Buy A Christmas Eve Box ?

There are two options when it comes to the actual box that you put your items into.

The first is to make your own box. You can use any cardboard box that you have at home and decorate it as you please; cover it in Christmas wrapping paper, paint it with a festive design or stick pictures onto it.

You can do the same with an old wooden box or crate, or you can buy a plain wooden box to decorate from your favourite craft shop or Amazon. We love this Large Wooden Treasure Box from Baker Ross, which is ready to decorate and keep for years.

Large Wooden Treasure Box

Of course there are some beautiful ready-made Christmas Eve Boxes that you can find online.

Santa, Penguin & Elf Christmas Eve Box

Santa, Penguin & Elf Christmas Eve Box

This cute and affordable cardboard Santa, Penguin & Elf Christmas Eve Box by Snow White at Amazon is ready to filled with gifts. Sent flat packed it measures 21cm x 32cm x 11cm.


Christmas Eve Box With Festive Pattern

Christmas Eve Box With Festive Pattern

A classic design suitable for a boy, girl or adult, the Christmas Eve Box With Festive Pattern from Funky Hampers is wooden and comes in a choice of three different colourways, red, green or blue and two sizes, large or mini.


Personalised Laser Engraved Solid Ply Wooden Christmas Eve Box

Personalised Laser Engraved Solid Ply Wooden Christmas Eve Box

This Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box by Bespoke at Amazon, is professionally laser engraved with a bespoke design onto the wooden box.


Personalised Little Forest Friends Christmas Eve Box

Personalised Little Forest Friends Christmas Eve Box

For a beautiful keepsake which you will enjoy bringing out year after year, the Personalised Little Forest Friends Christmas Eve Box from Oli & Zo is just perfect.

You can personalise it with your child's name, or the family if you want to make the Christmas Eve Box into a family tradition.


For more fun Christmas ideas of things to do can you do everything on the Christmas Bucket List 2023

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